Song Lyrics

1. I got your number
2. Chains
3. Mary was a dancer
4. Much too heavy
5. Quandary of love
6. Stuck on you
7. ¾ way to heaven
8. Hollow man
9. New space
10. Better
11. Shape drawn in the sand
12. When the lights go out
13. Frozen


This record has been a joy to make – my sincere thanks go to Dave Muckle for his generosity of spirit, relentless sense of humour, brilliant production work and most of all his brilliant musicianship, providing me with all piano parts, drums, loops, patterns and synth strings, not to mention encouragement and honest feedback

To those who arrived as session players and left as friends

Shona Mooney – fiddle
Jane Boyd – Cello
Dave Petherick – trumpet
Mercedes Philips – Saxophone
Jen Stevens – vocals and harmonies